Edwardsville Community Unit School District #7

Lincoln Middle School

S. M. Wilson & Co., the construction manager, is leading the Lincoln Middle School renovation and rebuild project with their extensive experience and expertise.
Through a district-wide facility study, an identified project was the partial renovation and rebuilding of the existing Lincoln Middle School. With the construction, the original 1925 portion of the school building will remain intact. After many decades of various additions
and renovations, Lincoln Middle School has different floor levels requiring steep stairs to get from one building area to another. The renovations and rebuilding will help improve the navigability and accessibility of the school.

The project’s initial phase involves the demolition of existing facilities and the construction of a new addition. The addition will include a new main gymnasium, an auxiliary gymnasium that doubles as a storm shelter, a media center, administrative offices, health classrooms,
a kitchen, a cafeteria, a weight room, locker rooms, sports locker rooms and an elevator. This first phase will also include improvements to both the front entrance of the current main building as well as improvements to the bus parking, drive lanes, and sidewalks at the building’s front.
Phase two is slated to include demolition of the existing cafeteria, kitchen, elevator, and select classrooms to create a new courtyard at the building’s rear. This phase also entails remodeling the existing three-story main building, which houses many classrooms. The building will undergo a comprehensive update to its mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems and add a fire suppression system.

Phase three involves the demolition to the original main gymnasium. Following demolition, the exterior skin where the gym was removed will be repaired. This phase will also include the finalization of civil and site work at the building’s rear, as well as the area where the gymnasium demolition occurred.