Using the most up-to-date construction technology and building relationships with our technology vendors helps our team create an Amazing Client Experience (ACE). We use our software tools to increase communication and collaboration with our clients, the design team and our subcontractors. Some of our tools include drones, laser scanning and augmented reality (AR).

S. M. Wilson also is able to execute project management from start to finish within the Autodesk suite – reducing learning curves for any internal or external team members. We have streamlined the process to gain maximum efficiencies and reduce the time to process documents and share information team-wide throughout the project by utilizing Pype Autospecs by Autodesk, Autodesk Build and Pype Closeout by Autodesk.

Embracing our current technologies and always seeking future advancements not only increases vital communication among our teams but also allows for more accurate planning and budgeting to minimize costly changes.

Drones allow for improved project updates, safety and communication between the Owner, Design and Construction Team. We use drones before, during and after construction to show progress and capture precise details about the environmental and physical site. High-resolution images can be turned into accurate 3D/4D/5D models.


360-degree photo documentation through cloud-based StructionSite allows our team to track the quality of a project and provides virtual walk-throughs, interactive progress photo documentation and time-lapse photographs. A link to this documentation can be embedded in an interactive PDF so the Owner can “see beyond the walls” for facility management.


Hololens Augmented Reality (AR): A virtual way to provide real-time data and true-to-scale visuals of a project. This also allows Owners to visualize the project and detect potential errors and make changes before construction begins, saving time and money. AR also allows us to overlay the design and fabrication models in order to confirm accurate placement of trade materials.

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