What do you know about the Construction Management Agency (CMa) delivery method?

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Public construction projects for municipalities and school districts have traditionally employed the design-bid-build method – An Owner selects an architect to design a project, solicits bids from general contractors and then contracts directly with the lowest bidder. While this approach is often thought to be the fairest use of taxpayer dollars, it does not always deliver the best value or end-product. It also puts an additional burden on the Owner to hire qualified internal staff to manage the insurance, bonding, change orders, contracts and other paperwork associated with the project.

Today, many public Owners are choosing the Construction Management Agency (CMa) delivery method for their projects. Contractors such as S. M. Wilson are hired to act as advocates exclusively for Municipalities/School Districts and provide a full range of construction management services throughout the project. This means the Owner, Architect and Construction Manager can work together from the earliest pre-referendum stages to collaboratively and cost-effectively produce a successful project. It is the Construction Manager’s responsibility to direct all personnel, money and materials in the Owner’s best interest.

The CMa delivery adds significant value to the project by actively involving the Construction Manager with the Architect from early in the building program. Producing detailed cost estimates, reviewing a project’s constructability, getting competitive pricing and managing subcontractors and suppliers are all examples of the expertise a Construction Manager brings to a project. During the pre-construction phase, the Construction Manager provides critical input to the design team and Owner regarding cost estimates, scheduling, constructability, value engineering and general technical assistance. During construction, the Construction Manager oversees trade contractors on behalf of the Owner and manages the overall progress, safety, quality and flow of information.

The CMa delivery enables project design and construction to proceed simultaneously, saving time and money and allowing for fast-tracking of work. The Construction Manager is the budget gatekeeper and the Owner holds the trade contracts, thus creating a transparent process and the Municipality/School District retaining any savings from the project.

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