#SMWill and Great Central Lumber Contribute to Jennings Construction Program

By January 25, 2019No Comments

S. M. Wilson recently teamed up with Great Central Lumber who donated $2,500 of materials to Jennings Senior High School & College Prep Academy’s construction program with an additional $5,000 donation from #SMWill.

The Jennings Build, Design, Construction, and Advanced Manufacturing Program is part of the school’s Career Prep Academy which helps ensure students are college or career ready after high school graduation. Through a partnership with The Carpenters Regional Council of St. Louis and Kansas City, the classes provide students with hands-on learning opportunities and skills needed to be successful in the construction and manufacturing industries.

#SMWill spearheaded the donation after learning about the program and their shortage of supplies. When S. M. Wilson reached out to Great Central Lumber, they generously donated a portion of the materials in need, including cedar and ESLP boards, an assortment of screws, shelving materials and more.

Construction teacher, Casey Hayes said, “We really appreciate it a lot and understand the magnitude of this donation. These materials are a tool. We can provide the information, but a lot of learning goes to waste if the students aren’t able to be hands-on and use the skills we’re teaching them.”

In turn, #SMWill also contributed an additional $2,500 of materials as well as a $2,500 donation to the Friends of Jennings School District Foundation which awards scholarships to graduating seniors to the students’ college or university of choice.

Jennings School District Superintendent,  Dr. Art McCoy said, “Thank you for your tremendous support of Jennings School District. This donation will help our construction program continue strong throughout the year.”

S. M. Wilson’s charitable giving program, #SMWill, is dedicated to encouraging employees in their will to serve, commit and invest in our community through partnering with organizations focused on supporting the health and education of children.