ST. LOUIS—S. M. Wilson & Co., a St. Louis-based construction management and general contracting firm, has promoted Rebecca Reifel to Project Manager and Kyle Gustafson to Assistant Project Manager. 

Rebecca Reifel, who recently served as an Assistant Project Manager, joined the company in 2021 and has worked on several projects, including her current project with the Columbia Public Schools’ Columbia Area Career Center. 

“Rebecca has taken on the challenge of renovating and adding to the Columbia Area Career Center for the Columbia Public School District (CPS). The district is occupying classrooms in the building as we renovate the building around them,” said Bernie Burtch, Project Director, who is also working with the Columbia Public Schools. 

“Rebecca has simplified a complex schedule by visually representing it on a floor plan to communicate with CPS, creating a more accessible environment to coordinate owner activities with construction activities. CPS has stated that they have enjoyed our Construction Management at Risk (CMaR) delivery process and would recommend it to other school districts in the future. Rebecca’s effort exemplifies Beyond the Build and Amazing Client Experience.”

Kyle Gustafson, who recently served as a Project Engineer, joined S. M. Wilson in 2021. Since then, Kyle has worked on retail and educational projects. He recently worked on the addition and renovation of Spoede Elementary in the Ladue School District. 

“Kyle was integral in turning over a challenging project on time for the district and continually spoke very highly of his professionalism, communication, and collaboration with the team,” said Jason Gasawski, Director of Operations. 

“Kyle is another example of an S. M. Wilson team member who continually works to exceed our client’s expectations and leads with excellence.”