New High School & Elementary School Additions & Renovations

The project includes a new Francis Howell North high school. The new high school has 411,000 SF of 21st Century Learning space on 50 acres. The site will also be home to a new turf stadium with track, tennis courts and practice fields.

There are over 100 new classrooms, including standard classrooms, sciences labs, business and computer labs, specialty classrooms and shops. In addition to classroom and administrative space, the Knight’s new home will feature two gyms, an auditorium with associated green room, dressing room and drama room, cafeteria, e-sports room, fine and musical arts space, culinary arts studio, industrial technology, robotics and technology labs, wood shop, publications studio and state-of-the-art science labs.

The new high school auditorium will double as a storm shelter. The ICC 500 rated space is approximately 19,000 SF and is precast concrete panels with brick veneer and precast concrete double tee roof.