As a Construction Manager (CM), S. M. Wilson provides our clients with a deeper breadth of services and ultimately greater value than a traditional general contractor. Our team is comprised of not just builders but construction experts that evaluate the quality, longevity and daily use of your building so that we can provide our clients with a more efficient and effective facility that enriches the lives of those who live, work, heal, learn and play in the spaces we build.
CM is an incredibly collaborative and transparent process, yet is streamlined for the Owner. As the CM, S. M. Wilson listens to our clients and owners and provides intangible value that transcends the standards of on-time and budget delivery. In this delivery, S. M. Wilson is brought on board early during the planning or design process, working hand-in-hand with the Owner, Architects, Engineers and Consultants used in the project.
This high level of collaboration allows a fully customizable experience for every client. Your priorities become our team’s priorities, and the focus is not just on the building but on your experience with the building process. Our goal is to provide an Amazing Client Experience (ACE) by going Beyond The Build.
Other Delivery Methods


  • Construction Manager brings their knowledge to the Architect early in the design and pre-construction phase
  • A system is implemented that controls personnel, money and materials to work directly for the Owner’s interests
  • Design and construction proceed concurrently, saving time and therefore, money
  • Opportunity for shared savings
  • CM and Architect are selected based on qualifications
  • All subcontracting work is competitively bid with Owner input
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