Competition Turf Softball Field

During the first phase of the project, a 44,000 ton cement storage dome with a cement transportation center was constructed. Construction also included a 1,000 SF building to house dome equipment, such as compressors and blowers.

Phases II and III incorporated a new barge unloading facility on the Mississippi River. In addition, a utility bridge was built, as part of phase II, to connect the unloading facility to the existing silo. Phase II also included upgrades to the existing silo.

Phase IV consisted of the completion of the storage dome and connection of the dome to the new loading system. Air transfer piping to relocate cement from inside of the dome to outside was installed.

It is the company’s pride in the quality of their work and willingness to perform any task in
order to help make the project go as smoothly as possible that exceeded our expectations.

Stephanie CannGranite City CUSD #9, Superintendent

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The softball project was fasttracked through the winter in time to have it finished for the spring softball season, which left all construction to be completed through most of the winter.


The project had to be fast-tracked through the winter due to the requirement of an available playing field for the new 2023 softball season. In the beginning, the team also found poor, unsupportive natural soil found to start the project. Design changes also occurred during construction due to as-built conditions of existing utility with key Prime Contractors.