S. M. Wilson’s Construction Career Education program SKILLED® provides hands-on opportunities to integrate academic learning and focus on future employment in the A/E/C industry. SKILLED’s mission is to “Inspire the future of construction.”

The three-pronged program supports individuals from all experience levels, from PreK students to workforce professionals, to Discover, Develop and Elevate their skills in the construction industry. Through SKILLED, S. M. Wilson will provide the educational framework to teach, mentor and inspire in three ways:

  1. DISCOVER –  Provides STEAM opportunities for the PreK-12 age groups designed for each grade level including career paths, hands-on activities and construction site field trips
  2. DEVELOP – Offers career-ready shadow programs, internships, career training and mentorship
  3. ELEVATE – Supports the internal professional growth of employees in the Elevate portion of the program through continued job training, team building, development programs, leadership and advancement opportunities