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Welcome to S. M. Wilson’s IKEA bid webpage.  This webpage will list the current and upcoming bid opportunities on the IKEA project as well as any other upcoming IKEA events.  If you are interested in bidding on a package please contact Steve Mitchler, Philippe Royall, or Brian Nuehring at 314.645.9595.  If you are a new Subcontractor or Supplier and wish to be added to our Bid List, please fill out our Subcontractor/Supplier Registration Form

All correspondences of bid documents will be done through Smartbidnet.com.  All proposals will be submitted through Smartbidnet.com on the day the bid is due.  An original copy of the bid submitted through Smartbidnet.com must be received in the U.S. office of IKEA by the business day AFTER the bid due date.  The IKEA office's address will be sent to the bidding subcontractors on each package.  Please do not email or fax your bids to S. M. Wilson or IKEA prior to the bid due date and time.  Doing so may cause your bid to be disqualified.

Listed below are the current packages out for bid and their due dates.

     BP 6 - BUILDING
          WP#1 - Structural Steel
          WP#2 - Concrete - Footings, Foundations & Flatwork
          WP#3 - General Trades
          WP#4 - Framing, Drywall & ACT
          WP#5 - Metal Wall Panel, Sheet Metal Flashing & Trim, and Metal Roof Panels
          WP#6 - Thermoplastic Membrane Roofing
          WP#7 - Skylights, Heat & Smoke Vents, and Solar Tracking Skylights
          WP#8 - Aluminum Storefronts, Curtain Walls, Automatic Sliding Doors & Glazing
          WP#9 - Rolling Grilles, High Speed Rolling Doors, Rolling Fire Doors & Sectional
          WP#10 - Fireproofing & Spray Applied Insulation
          WP#11 - Firestopping
          WP#12 - Resilient Flooring & Ceramic Tile
          WP#13 - Resinous Flooring
          WP#14 - Painting
          WP#15 - Ornamental & Chain Link Fencing and Gates
          WP#16 - Loading Dock Equipment
          WP#17 - Mezzanine Safety Gates
          WP#18 - Elevators, Escalators & Travelators
          WP#19 - Mechanical Systems, Controls, Testing & Balancing
          WP#20 - Plumbing Systems
          WP#21 - Fire Sprinkler Systems
          WP#22 - Electric, Low Voltage & Fire Alarm
          WP#23 - Landscaping & Irrigation
          WP#24 - Progress & Final Cleaning
          Pre Bid Meeting Architectural and Structural - Thursday, May 15th at 10AM at the
          AGC's Office, 6301 Knox Industiral Drive, St. Louis, MO 63139

          Pre Bid Meeting MEPFP, Elevators and Landscaping - Thursday, May 15th at 2PM
          at the AGC's Office, 6301 Knox Industiral Drive, St. Louis, MO 63139

               BIDS DUE - 2PM June 5, 2014    

S. M. Wilson project team for the IKEA project:
     Steve Mitchler, Senior Project Manager
     Phillippe Royall, Project Manager
     Brian Nuehring, Director of Preconstruction
     Ed Murrel, Estimator
     Tom Kaiman, Director of Field Operations
     Joyce Morgan, Diversity Coordinator
     Steve Mast, Vice President








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